Greensboro Newborn Lifestyle Session || Hazel Mauer

My niece, Hazel Caroline Mauer, was welcomed into the world on July 15th at 9:14am! Jenn and Chris are forever changed, and their hearts have never been more full. Their daughter is named after my late grandmother, Hazel Margaret Miller. Hazel Maragaret was a gem, and Hazel Caroline certainly is as well.

Now that I am finally an AUNT, I can’t wait to spoil this precious little girl! Even more exciting than that, my daughter now has a cousin who will become a best friend and their days will be filled with play dates, shopping trips and sleepovers.

Adam and I are so thankful my mom could watch Harper while we met our newest love a day after she was born. Don’t worry, my mom already had two visits and was happy for all of us siblings (her four grown-ish babies) to be together during such a special time. What an indescribable moment it is to first lay eyes on your child, and holding my niece for the first time brought back some of those same feelings!

Even though we didn’t take Harper to meet Hazel at the hospital, luckily Jenn and Chris didn’t mind having us over to their house shortly after bringing their daughter home. We did take homemade cookies! At just six days after Hazel’s arrival, we took a trip over to Greensboro to let Harper and Hazel (or as my daughter likes to say, Harpy and Hazey) meet for the first time. Grandma and Grandpa were also visiting and I know it melted their hearts to be with both granddaughters for the first time.

Harper has typically been pretty gentle with other little ones she’s been around, and she is usually pretty sweet with her dolls; brushing hair, feeding milk and giving hugs and kisses. Oh, and the occasional holding them upside down and dropping them. We weren’t quite sure what to expect with her interaction with Hazel, and it turns out she wasn’t too sure either. We definitely did not have to worry about her being overly touchy, or even getting close at times. As you will see, there were a couple of moments of Harper reaching out for a hand or foot, but mainly she just wanted to stay close to Grandma and Grandpa, and eat cookies. Can you blame her?!

Hazel was a trooper during our visit, and stayed fairly hungry, but we still snapped plenty of pictures while she snoozed. She is a healthy and growing girl, and we are all so thankful for that! Mom and dad were also rockstars, and continue to be. We took pictures all throughout the afternoon, and even into the late evening to be sure mom and dad got their desired photos. Hazel is so beautiful, precious, sweet, gorgeous (I could go on and on…) and none of us will ever be able to get enough of her! We love you, sweet girl!!

Enjoy all the beauty below!

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