Hillsborough Mini Session || Lloyd Family

I have been lucky enough to be friends with Danny and Traci for many years, and it all began when they became my youth leaders at church. I learned so much from them, and even had a few opportunities to teach their class. There have been many church trips taken with them – summer retreats at Caswell, ski trips and mission trips. They even got a front row seat when Adam and I first started dating and were almost the first ones we told when we got engaged… at Caswell. My brother was technically the first to know, but Danny and Traci were next, right before telling the whole group.

When Adam and I first started dating, or “talking”, it was also, surprise, surprise, at Caswell. The final day of our trip, Adam asked if I would go watch the sunrise with him, but we had to make sure it was okay with our leaders so they knew where we were. The night before, I knew I had to ask permission, and I did, and all the girls were excited for me and thought it was really sweet. Adam, who also was supposed to ask for permission, did not. Not at all. He didn’t say anything. We did walk to the beach that final morning and Adam asked if I would be his girlfriend, which I obviously said yes. We got back with our group, and I’m not sure Adam’s lack of asking for permission was appreciated, but hey, I think all is okay now! 😉

It’s been a ton of fun to share in so many great memories with Danny, Traci and their kids, who were the most fantastic flower girl and ring bearer at our wedding. Needless to say, we adore the Lloyd family and are so thankful for them.

To Danny, Traci and your kids, thank you so much for continuing to let me photograph you each year!

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