Hillsborough Wedding || Matt & Kassie

Sunday, May 29th, was quite the rainy day. But the day before, Saturday the 28th, was a beautiful day. A beautiful day to be laying by the pool, having a cookout or napping in a hammock. Most importantly, it was a beautiful day for a wedding. A wedding that included one of my best friends since elementary school,an elegant lace dress and a group of family and friends who know how to take over a dance floor.

Kassie and I met in 3rd grade, and had plenty of classes together all the way through high school. So many laughs, scary movies, sleepovers and goofy pictures. Some of this began to change when Adam and I started dating. Adam had his group of friends, some of which I knew better than others. One guy in particular, Matt, was a lifeguard with Adam. I may have been new to the whole dating idea, but I knew I wanted to be at the pool, so why not bring a friend. You can figure out what happened, but of course I brought Kassie along with me. A little over a month after Adam and I began dating, guess who else became a couple? While we often joke about Adam and I being the reason Kassie and Matt are together, God’s timing is always perfect.

After dating for almost 9 (yes, 9!) years, I’m beyond happy that Kassie and Matt have exchanged their vows. To Mr. & Mrs. Matt Baker, may your love continue to do nothing but grow immensely for each other. Thank you for letting me capture your special day, and I wish you both all the happiness in the world!

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Because your moments are worth it

Because your moments are worth it